The High Line

Yesterday I was down in Chelsea for a Center for Communications panel, and stopped to have a snack on the High Line. Here are some of the public with whom I mingled.


New Observer Stories

Today the new issue of The Fordham Observer went up, but one of my articles and my photo essay have been delayed in publishing until next week.

Despite this, my coverage of a particularly powerful Fordham College at Lincoln Center event did run, you can read it here. The event was titled “The Revolution Will Be Televised,” and featured panelists from around New York City who work with nonprofit organizations and BlackLivesMatter.

I also prepared a photo essay on the Bernie Sanders march with some great info and commentary by another Fordham student, Eileen Kelley (FCLC ’17). Check out the full collection of photographs on my Flickr and here is the photo essay.

The photography team also put together an interesting photo essay about NYC food.

The Broadway show story that I was assigned to has unfortunately been pulled altogether, but coming up I do have one investigative piece, an event coverage, and another couple of photo spots.

Observer: News

During February I started writing again in the News section of The Fordham Observer. The most current issue went to print last night and should be featuring two stories by yours truly, as well as a photo essay. This will have my photos from the Bernie Sanders march and quotes from Fordham College at Lincoln Center student and Movement4Bernie leader Eileen Kelley, who attended the march. I also was the photographer on assignment for two other stories in the paper, and contributed to the group photo essay for the issue.

Next issue will not be published until the beginning of April, due to the length of Spring Break (Mar. 17-28). I’m writing and taking photos for two stories, and photographing a third on Broadway which should be fun.

Bernie Sanders March

February 27, 2016

I had the pleasure of attending the Movement4Bernie March For Bernie NYC number two at the end of February. The event lasted three hours and was escorted by the police from Union Square to Zuccotti Park. The group made quite a stir in the Wall Street area, with people coming out of apartments and office buildings to take pictures on their phones.

Check out my full collection of photographs on my Flickr. I have also prepared a photo essay for The Fordham Observer which should run this week, and a link to which I will post here. (Edit April 6: It’s been up for a couple of weeks now)