Observer Update: Promotion

Hello all, I know I’ve been silent a bit but I had spring break and headed up to MA to see the family.

Last weekend we at The Fordham Observer had our biannual Editorial Board elections, in which I applied to the open News Editor slot. We had two Assistant News Editors already but I wasn’t sure if both would apply to be full Editors. They did. But happily I’ve been given the role of Assistant News Editor for next semester.

Issue 5 came out today in print and is being rolled out online, but my pieces in it are only as photography since I had some trouble getting administration to give quotes for my articles. The big one’s been bumped to next issue.

Issue 6 deadline is this Friday and I will have two articles in it along with my photos. One is set to publish online tomorrow/Friday.

Issue 7 will be the last one of the school year and that will be in three weeks. For that I will be stepping into the role of active Assistant News Editor, up from Staff Writer. I’m feeling pretty good.

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